Cruiser’s Net Script


Good morning, Puerto La Cruz. The cruiser’s net will begin in one minute.  May I have a radio check please?  (Wait for radio check)


Thank you, we’ll be starting in a minute or so. (Pause one minute)


Channel 72 is used for the cruiser’s Radio Net with the authorization of the ministry of transport and communications and with the permission of the port captain.


Good morning cruisers and welcome to the Puerto La Cruz radio net.  This net operates on channel 72 from 7:45 until about 8:00 AM, Monday through Saturday.  The purpose of this net is to provide information for and to enhance communications between, cruising vessels in the area.  If anyone has an objection to the use of this channel at this time, please come now.  (Wait 10 seconds.)


Nothing heard.  (Or deal with objection, move to different channel etc.)


Spanish Translation:


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